Strengthening Our Spirits -
Traditional Skills Workshops

This workshop series has been offered following the success of last year's "Uplifting Our Spirits" traditional skills workshops.  With generous funding from the Crime Prevention Victim Services Trust, these workshops have provided a space for Aboriginal women to come together and develop traditional skills in a safe and comfortable environment.  All supplies were provided free off charge, all the workshops were catered and had an elder.


Drum Making Workshop

July 2019 with Roberta Behn


Traditional Medicine Making

September 2019 with Marion Primozic


Drum Bag Workshop

September 2019 with Lisa Gattie-Thurmer and elder Mary Decker


Beginner Beading Workshops

October 2019 with Sarah Johnston Smith and Stormy Bradley


Formline Design

November 2019 with Lorraine Wolfe and elder Shirley Adamson


Fur Headband Workshop

December 2019 with Debbie Silverfox and Gertie Tom