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Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls


MMIWG2S+ Information and Resources

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The REDress Project

Artist Jamie Black began the REDress project in 2010 to bring awareness to MMIWG, which has grown into an initiative that many people annually participate in to support survivors and recognize the women who are no longer with us.

Lil' red dress Beading initiatives

The Lil’ Red Dress Project’s team of volunteers creates beaded “red dress” pins and earrings to bring awareness to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Patterns available on the website for personal use.

Red dresses seek to draw attention to missing, murdered aboriginal women

In this news article, Jamie Black explains the significance behind using the colour red for this important project.  As a sacred colour - using red is a calling back of the spirits of these women and allowing them a chance to be among us and have their voices heard through their family members and community,"


National Inquiry into MMIWG

Following a national information gathering process, a final report has been released with recommendations for addressing the issues of gender based violence against MMIWG.

Final report available on the website.

Yukon's response to MMIWG2S+

Thus far, Yukon is the only jurisdiction in Canada to implement a strategy for how it will address the issues identified in the national inquiry.  The report is called: Changing the Story to Upholding Dignity and Justice: Yukon’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-spirit+ People Strategy.

Full report available at the website below. 


As an Aboriginal women's organization, WAWC is very concerned about the well being of all Indigenous women and communities.  Over the years we have partnered with other community organizations offering supports and services to both identify and record the instances of MMIWG in Yukon, as well as to provide opportunities for family healing.

Family Gathering
December 2015

December 2015

The 2015 Yukon family gathering was held with the intent of families providing recommendations to political representatives of Yukon Government and First Nations, as well as the RCMP, and non-governmental Aboriginal and women’s organizations at the Yukon Regional Roundtable, to be held in February, 2016.

Walking with Our Sisters
April 11-25, 2015

Make A True Change

As the national touring exhibit identifed Whitehorse as a site to the receive beaded vamps display, Krista Reid (former president of WAWC) was the lead coordinator for the site.

National Inquiry
May 30-June 1, 2017

Help Us Soar

When Whitehorse was selected to be the first site for the national inquiry into MMIWG in Canada, WAWC's president, board, and staff supported families during the inquiring process.

Closing Ceremonies - MMIWG Inquiry

June 3, 2019

Statement from Jerry Soltani, Board member who attended the closing ceremonies: I was honored to attend the closing ceremonies for the Missing and Murdered Women and Girls.  While it was the closing ceremony for the committee, it is now the beginning for us all to be the voice for those murdered and missing.  I have read story after story and participated in as many events as possible including helping with the language for the 231 Calls for Justice.  But nothing brought the messages home more clearly than having tea with Tina Fontaine's grandmother.  Sitting next to Gerri Lee Pangman and holding the picture of her sister Jennifer Dawn McPherson.  Listening to her story. The ceremonies were emotional and heart-rendering.  We must now pick up the reins of what has been started and hold to strict account our government and each other.  And remember, "I am her voice."

MMIWG: Get Involved
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Yukon Aboriginal Women's Council is coordinating this important project to honour Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.  Follow the link to find out more information and how you can be involved.

MMIWG: Welcome
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